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Edmonton singer-songwriter Sister Ray sings of intergenerational issues on new single ‘Good News’

Edmonton singer-songwriter Ella Coyes (they/she) has shared a video for their new single as Sister Ray, “Good News.”

The track comes from their forthcoming debut album, Communion, out May 13th via Royal Mountain Records. Today’s release is, lyrically, the darkest Sister Ray song to date. Despite the light sound of “Good News,” the track is all about intergenerational problems.

“This song is about my frustration watching me, members of my family and the people around me experiencing issues that have affected us intergenerationally – and continue to do so – and see many suffer in silence. It’s written like a series of vignettes about a few moments that have really stood out in my memory. At first, it didn’t click with me that this song sounded so light because it felt heavy to me, but I feel now that a big part of this song is the freedom that I feel in the actual act of airing out those things that I would have willfully ignored or hidden from.”

Watch the video for “Good News” below.

Sister Ray’s forthcoming debut album, Communion is set to be a raw, vulnerable collection of experiences that define your past.

“While writing Communion, I was exploring my identity in a way that involved grief and insecurity,” Sister Ray explains. “These songs were written with liberation in mind.”

In addition to “Good News,” Communion features previously released singles “Reputations,” “Visions,” and “Crucified.”

“I feel like the music exists in its truest form when it’s being witnessed,” Sister Ray says. “The witnesses are participants in revealing what’s communicated.”

Pre-order Communion here and check out the tracklist below.

Communion Tracklist:

01 – “Violence”
02 – “Good News”
03 – “Visions”
04 – “I Want To Be Your Man”
05 – “Reputations”
06 – “Justice”
07 – “Jackie In The Kitchen”
08 – “Power”
09 – “Crucified”
10 – “Prophecy”

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