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Electronic-pop outfit Allegories return with new single ‘Pray’

Electronic-pop outfit Allegories have made their return with a new single, “Pray.”

The spontaneous, experimental new track is a dance-worthy bop. “Pray” comes packed with a “strobe-lit fever pitch,” pitch-shifted vocals, and perfectly peculiar melodies. The new track is the perfect return for Allegories, as they combine their original experimental noise sound with modern electronic twists.

“‘Pray’ feels like a tree grown out of a seed of house music, but its leaves are wild and varied,” Allegories explain. “Sometimes you let gravity take over a composition; you start one way but over time music evolves naturally. At the same time, ‘Pray’ doesn’t function in an uncomplicated fashion. It was written and recorded over many years and each new iteration added conflicting emotional layers A menagerie of feelings. Owing as much to the overtly sincere as it does the misleading insincere.”

Listen to “Pray” below.

Allegories began in 2014, experimenting across genres. The duo blended eclectic soundscapes with a pop sensibility. Together, they would DJ house and hip-hop nights around town before going on to create electronic music. Today’s release, “Pray,” is the perfect depiction of that.

The song captures the sound of the underground house scene. It captures a sense of nostalgia, reminding the listener of a time when you could congregate freely without worry. This track will really let you let loose and remember what it feels like to dance without fear.

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