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Eliza Edens shares picturesque video for dreamy new folk track ‘I Needed You’

Eliza Edens has shared a video for her new single, “I Needed You.” The track comes on the heels of her freshly announced album, We’ll Become the Flowers, out October 14th.

As an artist, Eliza Edens cements her own signature sound while drawing isnpiratoin from folk artists like Nick Drake, Karen Dalton, and Elizabeth Cotten. You can really hear those influences shine through on today’s preview, “I Needed You,” which is a tender, moving folk-rock ballad. Throughout the track, Edens delivers beautiful lines like, “Little car, dotted line/ Are you passing through to another time?/ Never know which one of us will bend.” Directed, shot, edited, and styled by Matt Gaillet, the accompanying video is packed with picturesque, playful shots of Edens performing along to the tune.

“‘I Needed You’ explores the liminal space that exists near the end of a relationship – when you’re vacillating between ‘I need them’ and ‘I don’t need them,'” Eliza Edens explains. “It’s about trying to discover and center your own needs when sometimes it’s easier to lie to yourself and ignore them. It’s about perhaps not even knowing what you need and being okay with that. I initially wrote this song as a sad little breakup waltz, but when I showed it to my collaborators, they elevated it into a slow burn rocker that had me laughing by the end.”

Watch the video for “I Needed You” below.


More from Eliza Edens:

“I wrote this album out of emotional necessity,” Eliza Edens explains. “I had just gone through a breakup. And around the same time, my mother was diagnosed with a neurodegenerative disease. I was spending a lot of my time trying to understand what it means to watch the hopeful person who raised me seem to fade away before my eyes.”

Check out the tracklist for We’ll Become the Flowers below.

We’ll Become the Flowers Tracklist:

01 – “How”
02 – “Westlawn Cemetery”
03 – “I Needed You”
04 – “North to South”
05 – “Ineffable”
06 – “For the Song”
07 – “Tom and Jerry”
08 – “Jimmy, Come Back”
09 – “To See Through”
10 – “Julia”

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