Elvis is in the building

Elvis lives on through the many artists he's inspired

There was a program on last week (Dead Famous DNA) that suggested perhaps Elvis suffered from heart muscle disease which was the cause of his passing. A lock of Elvis’ hair (except they cannot be totally sure that it was in fact The King’s hair) was tested and it indicated that Elvis had a flaw in his DNA. So the drugs and the fried peanut butter banana and bacon sandwiches may not have helped, but ultimately he would have died anyway because of this disease.

Maybe he’s still alive. Who knows! What we do know is that Elvis is still in the building because of the many artists that are inspired by him, still, to this day.

Alex Turner

Some have dubbed him the “Sheffield Elvis” From the curl in his hair to the “thank you, thank you very much” that he’s uttered during his live shows. Alex Turner has definitely embodied Elvis Presley whether it’s intentional or not.

Gwen Stefani

For No Doubt’s front woman, it’s all about the coif…. she rocks the pompadour just as much as The King! The occasional cover song doesn’t hurt as well, watch the band do Suspicious Minds live above!

Brian Setzer

The former Stray Cat said it best: I don’t think there is a musician today that hasn’t been affected by Elvis’ music. His definitive years — 1954-57 — can only be described as rock’s cornerstone. He was the original cool. The Brian Setzer Orchestra did Elvis’ You’re the Boss, featuring Gwen Stefani (why not, since she’s on the list too!)

Janelle Monae

Style wise, this woman embodies Elvis even more than Elvis did. The proof is in the picture!

Josh Homme

The Queens of the Stone Age frontman is just cool like Elvis was. A little more understated with his look. Its definitely Elvis-ish; the hair, his pout and the wardrobe. Musically, Elvis is definitely an inspiration, specifically on “Little Sister”, Elvis covered a song with the same name and Josh was inspired by “the sort of sexual twist that was put on it.”