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Twenty Genius Puns from The Elwins Twitter Account

The Elwins are so much more than a beloved, indie rock band – they’re also a comedy troupe. Ok, not quite, but they seriously could be. Their witty puns have sent the Twitter-sphere for a loop, making everyone laugh (or cringe) at their dad-esque jokes. The band’s account might as well be dedicated to puns at this point because we seriously can’t get enough. Here are a list of ten we think you’d enjoy:

Take time to say “thanks” to your arms today!

They never speak negatively.

Nothing like a good poop pun.

Ba dum tsss!

The real story on how the band came together?

Asking the important, punny questions.

They don’t take breaks, even during the holiday season.

Can you ever have enough poop jokes?

If I do say so myself, that pun was bloody great.

I don’t know if want the answer to this one.

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