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Emerald Cove Kayaking Trips Are The Best Way To Experience The Unique Vibrant Green Waters

Welcome To Emerald Cove Where The Waters Are Green & Cool

When the sun hits the water at the right time, Emerald Cove in Arizona lights up like the Northern Lights. That’s why Emerald Cover kayaking is so popular and, as of yet, still quite undiscovered.

The cool thing about this ethereal spot is that you can actually only access it with a kayak, or some form of floatation device. You can’t drive in.

People who know what’s up have this spot at the top of their Arizona bucket list. Read on for more details on this elusive natural wonder, including why the water is so incredibly green.

Where Is Emerald Cove?

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Image: @usa_through_myeyes on Instagram

Emerald cove is on the Arizona side of the Colorado River, about a four-hour drive from Phoenix. But that’s not all. From there, you have a two-mile paddle upstream.

Because of this, it’s not really a trip that you plan to make in a single day.

Technically speaking, Emerald Cove is a little spot in the Colorado River canyon wall, close to Willow Beach Marina. Like we said, it’s a two-mile paddle to get there, which you can do in a kayak, canoe, or boat.

What Makes The Water So Green And Vibrant?

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Image: @arizona_adventure_group on Instagram

Part of why Emerald Cove is so divine is because of the geothermal hot springs that push fresh mineral water into the river. Because of this, it’s the cleanest and clearest water on the whole river.

The deep, clear water contributes to the striking green colours. When the sun is directly over the water, the light is able to travel all the way to the bottom of the river. From there, it reflects off the bottom of the riverbed, and into Emerald Cave. This makes the entire cave a gorgeous shade of emerald green.

And the cave is not the only thing that turns green at the right time! When you’re inside the cave, your skin will also appear to be a bright green. It’s a surreal experience, but not for the faint of heart.

Emerald Cove Kayaking Trips Are The Absolute Best Way To Experience The Waters

emerald cove kayaking
Image: @gen_adventure on Instagram

Not only is Emerald Cove kayaking the best way to experience the water in this area, it’s the only way. And if you don’t have your own kayak or boat, you can rent one at the marina at Willow Beach.

You cannot reach Emerald Cave by walking in, or driving. Because of this, it makes it much more challenging to access. This means, of course, that it will not be as busy with tourists as other attractions in the area.

The waters of this area are absolutely divine. Please note that the average time it takes to kayak to Emerald Cove is about an hour and 45 minutes. Then, of course, you need to factor in the same time on your way back.

When Is The Best Time of Year & Time Of Day To Visit Emerald Cove?

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Image: @thesouthwestconqueress on Instagram

When the sun is the highest in the sky, you’ll get the best glow on the water. This time of year begins around late March to early April.

The experts in this adventure say that the cave’s green waters shine the most glorious in the spring and summer months. So if you’re planning to book a trip and take in this breathtaking natural attraction, aim for March, April, October, or November.

As far as time of day, the water doesn’t show off the brilliant emerald hues until the sun passes at a specific angle. Many Emerald Cove kayaking locals and enthusiasts say that 2 p.m. is the best time to go. However, lighting will change through the year depending on the angle of the sun.

Powerboats are not allowed to travel this stretch of river on Sundays and Mondays. However, because Sundays tend to be really busy, Monday is the best day to go. Only ‘human powered’ watercraft will be on the water during this day.

Where To Stay Near Emerald Cove

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Image: EmeraldCoveResort.com

If you’re a nature-person, the best option on your Emerald Cove kayaking trip is to camp. Obviously, right?

There are plenty of camping options in the area, and you can also choose to stay in a hotel, motel, or AirBnB. However, do keep in mind that this area of Arizona is quite unlike much of the rest of the state. The natural waters and cliffs and even hot springs are so beautiful.

In order to get the full experience, as long as you have the gear, you may want to camp and really connect with the nature of this beautiful land.

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