Eminem Tears into Trump In BET Freestyle Cypher

"This is the calm before the storm"

Eminem aired his many grievances for President Donald Trump in a freestyle video filmed for a BET Awards segment, dropped Tuesday night.

The five minute clip titled “The Storm” sees Marshall Mathers in a parking garage in his hometown of Detroit.

He starts by sating “This is the calm before the storm,” referencing Trump’s recent ominous comments while posing with a group of military leaders. From there, the rapper tore into Trump for his racism, sexism, sexual harassment complaints, as well his handling of the devastation of Puerto Rico, the Las Vegas mass shooting, the rising tensions between the U.S. and North Korea and his ties to the KKK (among other things).

During his verses he revisits Colin Kaepernick and NFL players decision to kneel during the anthem, raising his fist in solidarity saying “This is for Colin / ball up a fist.”

Watch the clip below: