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Eminem’s Daughter: Where is Hailie Jade Now?

Hailie Jade Scott Mathers, Eminem’s daughter, is living her best life.

Eminems Daughter Hailie in Tank Top

Credit: Hailie Jade Instagram

You may remember Hailie, she’s mentioned numerous times in Eminem’s songs. She made an appearance in “Mockingbird” and Hailie’s Song” among others. Fans young and old have kept up with her on her IG, where she has 2.1 million followers.

Hailie JadeEminem, aka Marshall Mathers, is famously protective of his daughter Hailie when he’s not reinventing the English language (literally). She’s been mentioned in more than 20 of his songs. Fans of Eminem, as well as Hailie’s own fans, are often wondering what she’s up to these days, and we’re going to dig into that for you in this article.

Hailie Jade Age and Upbringing

Hailie was born on Christmas Day in 1995, which makes her 25 years old right now. She’s grown up in the spotlight, and when asked about her in a recent interview, Eminem said that he’s very proud of her.

No kidding, Dad! Hailie graduated with an impressive 3.9 GPA from Michigan State University where she studied psychology. When asked, she’s always gracious and says that her father is very supportive of her. That’s nice.

Is Hailie Jade Married?

Hailie has a long term boyfriend, whom she’s featured occasionally in her IG feed. As of right now, Hailie is not married, and has no children of her own. 

Eminem’s daughter
Credit: Hailie Jade Instagram

Eminem was quoted in an interview on Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson talking about how proud he is of his daughter:

“So when I think about my accomplishments like that’s probably the thing that I’m the most proud of, you know, is that — is being able to raise kids.”

He added that it’s important to keep kids “grounded” when they grow up with famous parents.

Hailie has a keen eye for fashion and makeup, and shares these passions regularly with her followers on IG. Go here to follow her and check out her gorgeous feed.

Whitney Scott Mathers

Eminem’s Daughters
Credit: WhitneyScott88 Instagram

Whitney Scott is the youngest of Eminem’s three daughters.

She’s the biological daughter of Eminem’s ex, Kimberly Ann Scott. Whitney was conceived shortly after their divorce, and was raised in his Michigan home with sisters Hailie and Alaina.

Eminem adopted Whitney, reportedly because her father suffered from a long history of drug abuse and legal issues. He was (understandably) upset that Kim conceived another man’s child soon after their divorce. Despite this, he wanted to provide Whitney with a stable upbringing and a supportive family.

Whitney, like her sisters, has been shielded from the spotlight by their father for much of her life. She has the least public persona of her sisters, and it’s hard to find much about what she’s up to. I respect that.

Alaina Marie Mathers

Eminem’s Daughters
Credit: Alaina Scott Instagram

Alaina Marie is a body-positive influencer on Instagram, and inspires women to empower other women. Her posts are beautiful, natural, and full of joy.

Because of this, she’s drawn over 24K followers.

Alaina is Eminem’s niece, who was born under the name Amanda to his twin sister, Dawn. Sadly, Dawn passed away from drug abuse in 2016, and because of this, Em stepped up to bring her into his family.

In his lyrics, she’s often referred to as “Lainey”. She’s mentioned numerous times through his lyrics, in the song “Mockingbird” in particular.

Alaina challenges convention on her IG feed. Give her a follow, she’s up to some very influential and exciting things.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this update on Eminem’s three talented and fascinating daughters.

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