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Here’s What A (Mostly) Car-Free Ride Down King Street Looks Like

Sunday was the kickoff of the long-awaited and much debated King Street pilot project, and so far it’s been a rocky start.

The project gives priroty to TTC riders, cyclists, and pedestrians, limiting access to motorists. From Jarvis to Bathurst cars are allowed but cannot turn left and cannot stay on the street for more than one block, being forced to turn right immediately. But from reports online, most people haven’t quite got the notice.

Toronto police have been out directing traffic and stopping motorists all day, educating commuters about the new changes.

A cyclist strapped on a 360 camera and whipped down King street for a ride on the newly transformed streets and got a taste of what it’s like. Granted a large portion of the traffic is cut today due to Remembrance Day office closures, but still it’s a good indication of what’s to come.

Image courtesy wojworldwide via Instagram

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