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English Royalty Refuses to Accept Canada No Longer Under British Rule

In what could possibly be the greatest international political scandal in recent years, Prince George of Cambridge has refused to acknowledge Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as the leader of what once was England’s most prized colony.

Upon arriving with his parents the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on a Royal Tour over the weekend, the young Prince was greeted by Trudeau with an arm extended, waiting to shake hands for their first-ever meeting. Crouched down to meet eye-to-eye, Trudeau could see his challenger was a stern and fearless future leader.

With one hand still in his fathers, Prince George shook his head, refusing the honorable Canadian his request to acknowledge him as the Minister of the Canadian Crown.

Born the son of one of Canada’s most treasured political icons, Trudeau couldn’t abandon his father’s legacy and tried again with a new approach:

Up-top?”, “down below?”, “to the side?” he pleaded; everything he threw at the young Prince was turned down with unwavering force.

It’s unclear as to what words were exchanged following the exchange, but witnesses say they overheard the royal toddler mutter the words “Canada”, “potty” and “Treaty of Paris”.

Watch the uneasy power-trip below.


Please note that this article is a work of satire, meant for humour and not to be taken as fact.

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