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Hit The Ensenada La Bufadora (AKA The Blowhole) To Keep Cool In The Mexican Heat

Visiting Ensenada La Bufadora (AKA The Blowhole) Is A Great Way To Cool Off From The Summer Heat

At first when I read the name Ensenada La Bufadora, I thought they were referring to something to do with the psychedelic experience of Bufo. Boy was I wrong.

La Bufadora is a tourist attraction in Mexico, and the second largest marine geyser in the world. Located about 17 miles south of Ensenada in Baja California, The Blowhole can shoot water over 60 feet into the air… sometimes even higher!

Because of this, people come from all over to take a shot at capturing a selfie with the water bursting in the background.

It’s One of The World’s Largest Natural Marine Geysers

ensenada la bufadora
Image: @shawii_outdoors on Instagram

The marine geyser phenomenon is caused by ocean waves flowing into a partially submerged sea cavern. When this happens, it causes huge amounts of air and water pressure to build up.

Once the pressure has accumulated, the air and water are then pushed through the only exit that’s available: the hole at the cavern. Because the exit point is small in relation to the amount of water being pushed through, this is what causes the ‘blowhole’ effect.

The result? An incredibly impressive burst of water that launches several stories into the air!

The Legend Of La Bufadora’s Origins Live On Today

ensenada la bufadora
Image: @industrialnewsbc on Instagram

The legend behind The Blowhole goes like this: A baby whale became separated from a large pod of migrating whales. Sadly (legend has it) the baby got stuck in the rocks along the coastline and could not free itself.

Signalling for help, the baby whale launched large jets of water into the air, hoping to catch the attention of its family. Instead of dying, it turned to stone, and shoots water into the air as its sad legacy in the ocean.

In reality, a geyser (also known as a blowhole) is a result of trapped air exploding with extreme pressure from a sea cave. Not only does the water erupt high into the air, but it also emits a thunderous sound as well.

How To Visit The Blowhole

ensenada la bufadora
Image: @moraliz21 on Instagram

It’s actually really easy to visit this spectacular attraction yourself!

The drive has some of the most gorgeous views of Baja, specifically Bahia de Todos Santos and the stunning mountain range at the south end of the bay.

Where Is La Bufadora?

ensenada la bufadora
Image: @kiwi_instyle on Instagram

La Bufadora is located about 17 miles south of Ensenada in Baja California.

The blowhole itself spouts water approximately every minute, so you’re pretty much guaranteed to experience the spectacle on your trip. Keep in mind, however, that not every burst of water is as high as 60, 80, or 100 feet.

How To Get There

ensenada la bufadora
Image: @lifepassionphotography on Instagram

If you’re leaving from Ensenada, you’ll take Mexico 1 for just under half an hour. When you reach Maneadero, you’ll see clearly marked signs for the exit to La Bufadora.

Make sure to proceed west along the base of the mountains – this will take you about 20 minutes. No worries though, the road is paved and easy to find if you follow the signs. Plus, it only costs a couple bucks to leave your car in a lot with an attendant, so taking your own car is the best way to go.

You Can View Real Living Whales (And Other Fantastic Marine Life) In The Area

ensenada la bufadora
Image: @felon2phd on Instagram

In addition to the restaurants, souvenir shops, dive shop, and even a recently added museum, there’s so much natural beauty you can see here. You can see large pods of whales off the coast, as well as fish and marine life that you won’t find anywhere else.

The options to experience all of this are vast, as well. You can scuba dive, snorkel, and even kayak around the area. And if you’re really feeling it, why not stay the night and camp at this iconic tourist site? Breathe the air, take some pics, and really take in all the beauty that Baja has to offer you.

Don’t Forget Your Change Of Clothes!

You can expect an interaction with the ocean if you visit The Blowhole. In other words, prepare to get wet! One of the most common recommendations you’ll get if you check out the reviews online is to remember a change of clothing.

This is especially important if you plan to go from La Bufadora and explore along the coast. There are so many sights to be seen!

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