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Etobicoke Couple Ordered Pizza Through UberEats and Got Mouldy Sandwiches

On Sunday night a Toronto couple decided they wanted to order-in, so they ordered pizza via UberEats. After being 30 minutes late, the UberEats driver arrived and delivered the couple a brown bag that contained obscenely mouldy sandwiches (one with a bite out of it), a few unidentifiable items and a salad that was definitely not fresh.

“The smell overwhelmed the whole room,” said Anna Kotlikova, one of the customers that received the items. She was accompanied by her boyfriend, Blake Weinzett.

The couple also described the bag and its contents as being tampered with. They called Montana’s, which was the restaurant they had ordered from, only to be told by the manager that their food was packed fresh.

“I don’t know where he [the driver] got this mysterious big brown bag with an order number, which wasn’t even our order number, or the order number from the restaurant,” Kotlikova told CBC Toronto.

Kotlikova and Weinzett also pointed out that the restaurant they ordered from was just down the street from their residence, while the map indicated that the Uber driver was 15 minutes away. The route the driver took and the location of the restaurant didn’t add up.

Of course, these two customers are haunted by numerous questions, their initial being why would anybody want to deliver them mouldy sandwiches.

“I don’t know where this guy was driving to, because he definitely did go somewhere,” said Kotlikova. “And where is this old food coming from? And why is he doing this?”

After Kotlikova posted the story to her Facebook, she soon learned that a similar incident happened to a friend she knew who ordered from Montana’s that same night. The manager of the restaurant received two similar complaints, and has since filed a complaint against UberEats.

Uber reportedly provided Kotlikova and Weinzett with a full refund and a $25 voucher, however, the couple reports that Uber has left many questions unanswered, specifically why and how this could have happened.

Uber has shared the information that the driver does not have a history of complaints and holds a 4.8 out of 5 rating.

“We are reviewing this order and reaching out to both the restaurant and the driver to understand what may have happened,” said Uber in a statement.

Photo courtesy of Anna Kotlikova via Facebook.

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