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Europe’s First Underwater Museum Is Opening This Month

The Museo Atlantico in Spain’s Canary Islands will be opening this month, and will feature 400 art pieces by french artist Jason deCaires Taylor. The catch? You have to snorkel 45 feet underwater to see them.

Taylor’s expertise is in underwater sculpting using a pH-neutral marine cement to portray his vision. The museum plans to host plenty of marine life including reefs, coral, and fish.

Jason deCaires Taylor1

A hybrid cactus-man, portrayal of the Syrian refugee crisis, and a botanical garden are some of the sculptures in Spain, which showcase Taylor’s environmentally-themed work.

Jason deCaires Taylor2

The project, which was funded by the Council of Lanzarote, is hoping to increase tourism in the area.

Jason deCaires Taylor3

Jason deCaires Taylor4

Jason deCaires Taylor5

A different underwater museum by the same artist opened in Cancun, Mexico recently, as well as a piece in the Thames in London.

The Museo Atlantico will be open to visitors beginning February 25.

(Photos by Jason deCaires Taylor)

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