Everything is Happening in Father John Misty’s Bananas New Video

Macaulay Culkin stars as Kurt Cobain in 'Total Entertainment Forever'

You could make a list of the most bizarre items you would like to see in a music video and it would have nothing on the latest from Father John Misty.

Things get bizarre, like really bizarre, in the new video for “Total Entertainment Forever.” We have Father John dressed as Ronald McDonald, sporting hooks for hands. There’s also Macaulay Culkin starring as Kurt Cobain, who is crucified in some sort of virtual reality game being played by George Washington.

Culkin is flanked by Garfield’s owner John Arbuckle, and a saxophone-playing Bill Clinton. There’s also an appearance from Tei Shi.

See the madness for yourself.

The video for “Total Entertainment Forever” was directed by Four Gods and a Baby, a collective that includes Culkin.