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Everything You Need to Know about WayHome Being Cashless

Today Oro-Medonte will start to fill up with happy-go-lucky festival goers as WayHome opens its doors to campers this afternoon. As you finish packing up all your fun festival gear, may we guide your attention to one more very important housekeeping matter: WayHome has gone CASHLESS this year. In order to minimize lines and stolen wallets, you must load up your wrist band here. It can even do the posting to social media for you.

You can ONLY purchase items within festival grounds using your wristband, however, you will need to BRING CASH FOR ICE if you are camping. To find out more pro tips like this look here.

For more information check out Wayhome’s official FAQs. We included some of their questions and answers below.

What’s cashless and how do I use it?
Your RFID wristband comes in two parts: the RFID tag, and the material band. Embedded in the tag is an electronic chip that will act as your key to pay for items at the event. While at the event, you will use the RFID wristband pre-loaded credits to pay for food and drinks.

How does it work?
Once you’ve uploaded credit to the event database, the RFID wristband is used as a key to access that database, which means that you simply tap in at one of the payment points on the vendor stand, once to start the transaction and once to conclude and confirm it and the purchased amount is automatically deducted from your account.

How do I register my wristband?
On your event’s website there is a link that leads you to the registration site. You can either sign up with your details, or simply connect an existing account, such as Facebook, or Google+. Voilá, your event account is ready.

The next step is that you have to link your wristband to your account. Go to MY WRISTBAND, and type in the UID and Security numbers from the back of the wristband in the proper fields. Your UID is either 8 or 16 digits long, and the Security Number is the shorter number. Once your account is created and your wristband is linked, you are ready to go!

Do I HAVE to register?
Absolutely not. We are always very careful to keep you incognito, Mr. Anonymous. However many cool features, such as online top-up, tracking of your on-site purchases, and many more will not be available for you. Also, if you lose an unregistered wristband at the event, we can’t de-activate or replace it for you. We recommend you play it safe and register!

Why are you using these RFID wristbands?
This RFID wristband makes it easier for you (the user) to enjoy the festival by decreasing wait times, and allowing you to leave your wallet/change at home! No more fumbling for change, or having to go to remote locations to buy more tokens! Just pre-load money onto your account and you’re set for the duration of the event!

How do I add credit?
Three ways: You can add credit prior to attending the event after you open your Event Cashless account on the event website and adding credits using a credit card, debit card, or a PayPal account. You can also add funds at the event by visiting a ‘top-up booth’ or by logging onto the event mobile application or dedicated TopUp page, accessing your account, and adding additional credit.

However, the easiest way to add credit is to enable the ‘auto top-up function’. When adding credit for the first time, you can enable an ‘auto top-up’ if your balance drops below a pre-determined threshold! This way, you never have to worry about running low on cash. Remember, any balance left at the end of the night is refunded to you!

How do I know my Balance?
Around the festival site, there will be wristband readers and customer care locations where you can check your balance. Furthermore, if you registered your wristband on your festival account, you can check it online any time using your browser on your desktop computer or even your smartphone by signing in to your account.

What happens if I don’t use all the money that I loaded onto the account?
Any funds that you don’t use on the account are refunded to you.

Can I share my Cashless account with a friend?
Yes! The only thing you have to do is to link your friend’s wristband to your festival account.

How secure is it?
This system is bank-certified (Common Criteria EAL3+ for those that care to know!). All data is encrypted with a minimum of 256 bit. Additionally, no information is stored on the wristband! So, if an RFID wristband is lost or stolen, simply login to your profile via the mobile application and hit Deactivate next to your wristband, or visit the Customer Care and it will immediately be cancelled and replaced!

Can lost or stolen RFID wristbands be tracked?
Because all the customer data is stored in our secure servers, not on the RFID wristband, if one is lost or stolen, it is simply cancelled and another RFID wristband is issued, so they don’t need to be tracked.

Cool, but how much do I pay for this?
That’s easy: absolutely nothing!

(Image Courtesy of WayHome)

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