Ex Sleater-Kinney drummer Janet Weiss cancels Quasi tour after car accident

Weiss will be on recovery for 12 weeks

Former Sleater-Kinney drummer Janet Weiss has cancelled her Quasi tour after a scary car accident. Weiss decided to pull the plug on the dates because she was seriously injured in the accident. Weiss had made the announcement on Twitter, letting fans know the reason for the cancellation and explaining that she had gotten into a scary car accident and was injured.

She tweeted “I was involved in a scary car accident last weekend in which my right leg and left collar bone were broken.” In order for a proper recovery, doctors advised and recommended 12 weeks of recovery. This means that the tour has to be put on hold for now. Weiss then went on to say she was bummed to cancel shows but thankful to be alive. Her injuries will heal and she will be back on tour in a couple of months. Fans gave their support and we’re glad to know that she is ok and wished her a smooth and speedy recovery.

The Twitter post by Weiss can be seen below.