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Experimental bedroom pop artist Sam Pine shares new single ‘Why Can’t U?’

Experimental bedroom pop artist Sam Pine has shared his new single, “Why Can’t U?” The track comes from his new self-produced debut album, Evergreen, out today.

The new song was inspired by Sam Pine’s sudden life changes through COVID-19. “Why Can’t U?” sees Pine singing of moving back to his hometown of Denver, Colorado. Lyrically, the explores the impacts this distance had on his close relationships in Los Angeles. With a deep R&B groove and wailing vocal lines, Pine finds unique ways to turn genres on their heads. The gritty tune truly sees Pine leaning in to his own sound.

“I had relationships that felt very tested and at some points exposed,” Sam Pine explains of the track. “This pandemic really had some harsh truth and the hook of the song asks whoever listens or at least in my perspective the girl I was seeing ‘why can’t you be the one for me?’ It’s that classic long distance narrative but with my own spin.”

Listen to “Why Can’t U?” below.

With a wailing guitar solo and a driven drum beat, you’ll find yourself coming back to “Why Can’t U?” again and again. The tune almost captures the sounds of artists like Still Woozy and Bloc Party.

Sam Pine’s new album, Evergreen, is a collection of tracks that he wrote from his childhood bedroom during quarantine. Across the album, Pine finds a delicate balance between Alt-Pop, Jazz, and R&B.

According to a press release, Evergreen is set to explore “extreme episodes of anxiety during a social revolution, relationships, and introspective thoughts as a young adult.”

Listen to Evergreen here.

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