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Experts say no moshing or crowdsurfing when concerts return

The spread of COVID-19 has changed the future of live music, with experts predicting shows won’t return until 2021.

In the meantime, people are getting creative and hosting drive-in concerts and drive-in raves, but it looks like the pandemic could change the live shows for longer than we thought.

With big promoters like Live Nation now planning to return to hosting “full scale” concerts next year, nonprofit Event Safety Alliance have drafted up new guidelines to help keep concertgoers and venue employees safe. These guidelines include a temporary ban on moshing and crowdsurfing.

The Event Safety Alliance guide was made to help venues that plan to reopen eventually, but are unsure of how to do so safely. The document was written after staff members Steven Adelman and Jacob Worek spoke with more than 400 promoters, caterers, Ticketmaster employees, and other workers.

The 29 page guide outlines some obvious regulations like establishing sanitizing practices, detailing how guests handle illnesses, taking extra care of the health of employees. There were also a few more unexpected, but necessary regulations like staggering entry times into the venue, making for contactless march purchasing, and even outright banning moshing and crowdsurfing.

“A few obvious changes will be necessary whenever GA events do reopen,” the guide reads. “Patrons cannot all stand at the front of the stage like they are accustomed; moshing and crowdsurfing are violations of social distancing per se and must be absolutely prohibited during this pandemic.”

Read the PDF in full here.
Lead photo courtesy of daspunkt.

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