Explosions in the Sky Members Announce New Album with Inventions

The Explosions in the Sky offshoot will drop their new album in March

Mark T. Smith and Matthew Cooper of Explosions in the Sky have joined forces again for a new Inventions album. Maze of Woods will serve as a follow-up to last year’s self-titled debut, and will be released March 17 via Temporary Residence.

Maze of Woods is inspired by the final paragraph of the 2002 Denis Johnson book Train Dreams:

In that paragraph, Johnson describes the non-verbal howl of a feral wolf boy, a pre-language that is yearning and instinctual; a statement of wordless distress and love. Maze of Woods is the product of two masters of their craft getting lost in the wilderness, ‘doing something that they don’t know how to do,’ and emerging with something wholly unexpected and beguilingly beautiful.

Check out the title track below: