Facebook Cracking Down on Fake News

The social media company will be introducing new measures to bar the distribution of fake news stories

Facebook is making an attempt to crack down on fake news. After receiving heavy criticism in regards to the alleged role Facebook played in affecting the results of the presidential election, the company has shed light on a few new tactics that they will be using to control the spread of fake news on the social site.

For starters, Facebook will be adding the option to flag posts as fake news. This option will be available by clicking the upper right-hand corner of a post. Once a post is flagged as fake news, a team of Facebook’s full-time employees will review the post. If the story is truly false, it will be directed to third-party fact-checking agencies.

Second, Facebook will be taking measures to keep their ads from being used on fake news sites. This rule already exists for sites that promote items like pornography and violence.

Recent studies have shown that fake news stories that appeared on Facebook during the election actually received higher engagement than stories from reputable sites, such as The New York Times.