Facebook introducing video profile pictures

Show your moves

Facebook is at the cutting edge of social media technology and their on a mission to prove it. That’s why they are releasing a major update that lets you have a video as your profile picture! Wow!

Users can now upload videos to your profile picture, and have a short GIF-like videos as their display picture. If you happened to buy the new iPhone 6s or 6s Plus, the new ‘live Photos’ feature works really well for this. Otherwise you can select your favorite video of yourself, as long as it’s 7 seconds or less.

They’ve also introduced “featured photos”, — five photos that sit below your “about me” section so that you can share your love of travel/pizza/fitness in one foul swoop. Plus a sort of tag-line, short description that sits in your about me.


As always, not everyone will have the updated Facebook at first. Right now the update is only available on Facebook’s mobile app (but remains viewable on everything else). To check if you have it check out your profile on the app. If you see your profile picture moved to the center with a flashing camera icon then you have the update, if not you have to wait like the rest of us common folk.

Check out Wired‘s video tutorial about how to apply those new changes: