Facebook just rolled out a super creepy and intrusive new photo scanning feature

FB will scan your photo albums on your phone

Don’t panic, this feature is still in the testing phase and can be turned off.

Using the same facial recognition technology behind the photo tagging suggestions, “Photo Magic” will scan the photo albums on users’ phones before they’ve been uploaded and notify them when it finds a photo of a friend. Once a picture has been found, it will send a push notification asking if the user wants to share this photo with the identified friends via Facebook Messenger (not a public post on Facebook).


Photo Magic will be integrated with Facebook Messenger, so it will only be able to access users’ phones that have the app – 700 million people – and only if you allowed Messenger to access your photos.

The head of Facebook Messenger, David Marcus, has confirmed that Photo Magic is currently testing on Android in Australia and will be rolling out on iOS soon.

What do you think? Is this a feature you could see yourself using, or is it totally invasive?