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Faith/Void will be closing in February

Local Toronto music scene staple Faith/Void is set to shut down in February.

The record store, live music venue, art gallery, and performance space hinted at its closure with an online flier for hardcore punk band S.H.I.T.’s SHITmas holiday celebration on December 30th. At their headlining set, the band’s vocalist and Faith/Void owner Ryan Tong confirmed the rumours and detailed that the show was the final performance at the shop.

According to Now Toronto, the closure was a difficult but mandatory decision after a longtime ordeal caused by a noise bylaw violation. Allegedly, the complaints came from tenants in the adjoining building. Over the last year, there were renovations being done on the building, but then tenants moved in during a quiet week in October. Eventually, the tenants faced back-to-back shows.

“The neighbours soon found out about my existence,” Tong told Now Toronto. “They complained to their landlord about the noise, and I met with her the following week.” Tong then received a noise bylaw infraction after operating the way he was for three years with little to no complaints from any other neighbours or businesses in the area.

Tong tried to set up a meeting with the tenants to negotiate an understanding, but he was unable to. Without being able to host shows, Faith/Void would be unable to meet its financial commitments, so Tong is forced to close the space.

Although the shows are over, Faith/Void will continue to operate all the way until the last week of February.

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