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Fake Palms share video for new post-punk single ‘Civil Liberties’

Toronto’s Michael le Riche has shared a video for his new single as Fake Palms, “Civil Liberties.”

The track serves as the final preview of his forthcoming album, Lemons, out September 16th via Hand Drawn Dracula. “Civil Liberties” is a haunting tune that reaches a delicate balance of alt-pop and post-punk. Throughout the track, le Riche is able to bring out dystopian undertones. Directed by Jordan Allen, the accompanying video comes packed with layers of captivating collage-like clips.

“This record is the most direct thing I’ve done,” Le Riche explains. “All the distorted guitars playing 16th-note riffs in different time signatures, washes of noise and buried vocals are basically gone. In their place we made a record that’s lean and a punch to the gut. There are still some moments where the guitars get a little tricky but, in general, we tried to be as immediate as possible. The songs are all fairly short and there are almost no extra production tricks.”

Watch the video for “Civil Liberties” below.

“I was inspired by records like the Dead Boys’ Young, Loud and Snotty and the Buzzcocks’ Another Music in a Different Kitchen,” Le Riche adds. “Maybe because of what was going on in the world at the time, or maybe just as a reaction to the last Fake Palms record – which was flush with production flourishes – it just felt necessary to kick the door down instead of knocking.”

In addition to “Civil Liberties,” Lemons features previously released singles “Visions” and “Satellite.”

Pre-order Lemons here or check out the tracklist below.

Lemons Tracklist:

01 – “Drain”
02 – “Visions”
03 – “Satellite”
04 – “Wasted Silhouettes”
05 – “Civil Liberties”
06 – “The Curl”
07 – “Flags”
08 – “Bloom”
09 – “Soft Fear”

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