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Peterborough Family Runs Into Shirtless Justin Trudeau While Hiking

A shirtless Justin Trudeau appeared to the Godby family while they were on a stroll through Quebec’s Gatineau Park, just 45 minutes outside of Ottawa.

The Canadian PM, his wife Sophie Grégoire Trudeau and their two children were venturing Lusk Cave in the centre of the park when Jim Godby heard, “This is the moment of truth; do we stop here or do we carry on?” coming from a familiar voice.

The Trudeau family surfaced and the Godby’s were in awe at the “casual chance encounter”. The two families exchanged brief conversation before Alexander Godby, Tim’s 13-year-old son, asked for a selfie — pictured below:


Jim posted the photo on Facebook with the caption, “When you step out your front door, you never know what adventures await.”

The PM’s security detail was close by, all very nice people as described by Godby. After the chat, both families went their own way and Jim would later tell the Toronto Star of his neat encounter that humanized the prime minister.

Images courtesy Jim Godby and Justin Trudeau.

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