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Famous tweet of dinner from Fyre Fest to be sold as an NFT

In a very 2021 turn of events, Trevor DeHaas, the man behind the famous tweet of the Fyre Fest dinner, is set to team up with one of the organizers of the meme-worthy festival to sell the tweet as an NFT.

The tweet, which shows two sad slices of white cheese on some plain wheat bread with a makeshift “salad” jumbled up in a styrofoam container, went viral back in 2017 during the chaos that was Fyre Festival.

According to Axios, DeHaas, who is partnering with rapper Ja Rule, says he is now hoping to sell it for upwards of $80,000, which will go toward medical expenses for his daily dialysis and kidney transplant.

“A few weeks ago I saw Jack Dorsey, auctioning off the first tweet ever and at the time it was like 2.25 million,” DeHaas tells Axios. “Instantly I thought of my viral tweet from Fyre Festival.”

Dorsey’s tweet sold for a whopping $2.9 million, and last month Ja Rule and Flipkick sold a Fyre Fest painting for $122,000 last month.

“Now a few weeks before the 4 year anniversary of the festival (4/28) I’m selling the msot iconic cheese sandwich on the blockchain along with the ownership of copyright,” DeHaas adds.

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