Fan Gets Backstage of Peking Duk Show After Editing Band’s Wiki Page

Fan bypassed security after listing himself as "family" to Wikipedia page

As we all know, Wikipedia isn’t always the most reliable source for information. One security guard learned that the hard way after a fan used it get backstage at a show.

While at the Peking Duck show in Melbourne, Australia Wednesday night (December 2nd), one fan named David Spargo told the security guard he was family with one of the band members. Wanting to go back stage, the security guard rightfully questioned Spargo. Showing a piece of ID and pulling up the band’s Wikipedia page, he pointed out where it listed him as “family”.

Little did security know, he added that little bit of information to the band’s page just minutes before.

“He told the security guard he was our stepbrother or something, and showed them the Wikipedia page and his ID,” Adam Hyde of the band told The Guardian.

“It was probably the most genius, mastermind move that I’ve ever witnessed,” Hyde explained. “It’s crazy. He just did it on the spot, in a second on his phone.”

Spargo ended up getting back stage to the band’s green room, where he politely introduced himself and how he got there. Hyde and band member Reuben Style were far from upset. They were so impressed so they invited him in for a drink.

“We ended up having a bunch of beers with him and he was an absolute legend.” Hyde continued. “He wasn’t a creep or anything. He was like the most normal dude we’ve ever met. That’s what makes it more hilarious.”

Peking Duk posted this to Twitter along with a screenshot of the Wikipedia edit.

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