Fan gifts sword to Phoebe Bridgers because Ryan Adams ‘gave one to every woman on their tour except her’

Following surfaced accusations of abuse and sexual misconduct against Ryan Adams

A fan has gifted Phoebe Bridgers a sword after she tweeted out that Ryan Adams once gifted all women on their tour a sword except for her.

Phoebe Bridgers was one of many women who has accused Ryan Adams of abuse and sexual misconduct, and a few weeks after the article was released, Bridgers revealed that once she “was on tour with Ryan Adams on [International] Women’s Day a few years ago and he got every woman on the crew a sword except for me.”

After fans stormed her Twitter with messages of support, one went as far as presenting Bridgers with her very own sword alongside a note that read, “To protec. To attac. To look fucking tight as hecc. Phoebe, I hope you like this real, authentic sword. You don’t need it, but you deserve it. Thanks for sharing your sad songs with us.”

Check out the peculiarly heartwarming gift below.