Toronto Fans React To Last Minute Cancellation of Marilyn Manson Show

Artist canceled minutes after he was scheduled to be on stage

Last night fans waiting at Budweiser Stage were stunned at the sudden announcement that Marilyn Manson would not be performing, minutes after the performer was expected to come on stage.

“Due to unforeseen illness,” a tweet wrote, “Manson will not be performing tonight in Toronto.” The tweet was posted at 8:21 PM. Marylin Manson was scheduled to perform at 8:10 PM.

Though most fans were not on Twitter to see the announcement at the moment, rather hearing it first-hand from an announcer at the venue to tell them artist wouldn’t be coming out.

“Marilyn Manson will not be performing tonight. If you are here solely to see Marilyn Manson, you may get a full refund, if you leave now, and have your ticket scanned out of the system,” he announced.

As to be expected, many fans took to social media to express their outrage at the last minute cancellation.

WHile Most of the comments were pretty rough, some fans were supportive of the artist for his mystery illness.

Though there were rumours floating around that Manson was unable to perform due to being too drunk or high.

While some fans left disappointed, others stayed for the second headliner Rob Zombie, who put on an incredible show.