Fast Romantics announce new album, unveil title track ‘Pick It Up’

Pick It Up will be released on August 6, 2020, via Postwar Records

Toronto-based outfit Fast Romantics have announced that their new self-produced album Pick It Up will arrive on August 6th via Postwar Records.

The band has also shared a new single and video for the record’s title track. “Pick It Up” was inspired by lead singer Matt Angus’ lifelong battle with depression and anxiety.

“I’ve fought depression and anxiety most of my life, at times it probably nearly killed me,” Angus said in a release. “Sometimes it wasn’t related to anything I could control, but this time it was a self-inflicted episode… I didn’t know what I was doing it for anymore. I couldn’t write. I couldn’t do much of anything except obsess about the news and chase my own tail.”

Watch the quarantine-friendly video for “Pick It Up” below.

“At some tipping point, I forced myself to sit at the piano, and this childhood memory of my mother came flooding in,” Angus continued.

“My mother is an all-powerful, unstoppable force of nature. She has more energy than an Olympic sprinter, she fights through anything that comes her way, and she’s been through some tough shit in her life. When I was a kid, I’d oscillate similarly as I do now between bouts of confident, prolific creativity and unstoppable malaise. If in one of those low phases as a fourteen-year-old I’d be lying on the couch hypnotized by a television for too long, she’d inevitably be there, telling me to pick myself up and do something useful. But all grown up, hearing that voice in my head that morning at the piano, it all at once snapped me out of it.”

Pick It Up Track Listing:
01. Pick It Up
02. Only People
03. Made For You
04. Hallelujah, What’s It To Ya?
05. The Rules
06. Top Of The Mountain
07. Iso Radio
08. Do No Wrong

Image via Jen Squires