Indie88 Video Premiere: Fast Romantics Share ‘Why We Fight’

The Canadian band's latest video carries a heavy political response to the latest U.S. election

On the eve of the U.S. inauguration, Fast Romantics have released a politically charged lyrical video for their new single “Why We Fight.”

While writing and recording the band’s upcoming sophomore album between Toronto and Brooklyn over the past two years, it isn’t entirely surprising that the U.S. election seeped its way into frontman Matthew Angus’ songwriting. But as the name of their band suggests, the core of Fast Romantics’ music has always been about love songs.

At first glance, “Why We Fight” is a protest of the current political landscape (released on the day of Donald Trump’s Inauguration), but has the feel of a love song. Its accompanied lyric video echoes the sentiment of a classic Hollywood storybook romance. As Angus himself questions, “are they love songs about politics or political songs about love?”

The video, which features a montage of powerful moments in American history, was directed by lead singer Matthew Angus.

America is getting pretty weird, and this song was written in the heat of all that. Somehow they’re inaugurating the village idiot as their president this week, so seeing Abe Lincoln sing this kind of song just felt right. I’ve developed this fringe hobby of mucking with old footage, so I experimented with that for a while.

But then it inspired this conversation amongst our bandmates about the image we have in our heads of America, about the struggle for some sort of perfect “American dream” despite so much political and social chaos. And all of these film clips linked to those feelings just bubbled to the surface, and seemed to express what the song was trying to say.

The song is off their new album, which we can expect to see released in Spring 2017.

Watch the video below.