Father John Misty Calls for Political Action in New Ballad “Holy Hell”

"the world wont end unless we want it to"

If there’s anyone we can expect some high-octane political commentary from, it’s none other than Father John Misty.

After recently sharing an anti-Trump ballad a couple weeks before the election, J. Tillman has made his opinions heard again by releasing another piano ballad called “Holy Hell”. This time, however, FJM makes a special note towards those who feel victimized by hate-filled Trump support.

Calling out Trump’s campaign as “highly effective rhetoric”, and the “perverts who get off on it,” Tillman takes a lighter note in the closing lyrics. “But, oh my friends, yes I’m talking to you,” he addresses the listener, “the world won’t end unless we want it to.” He then bares a slight hint of Father John Misty optimism, “there’s no one in control, and it’s our life to choose.”

Listen below:

Hell, holy hell, holy hell
Damn, the Future ain’t looking so bright
Never asked for a paradise
But seventy years would be nice

If my brothers and sister and I,
Could Be an impossible dream of mankind
But I’ve always been the irrational type

Hell, What the Hell, What the Hell

This thing’s got us balled in it’s grip
The economy just don’t explain this
This unfathomable nameless rift

Who knows if it even exists
It’s just some highly effective rhetoric
Used by perverts who get off on it

But, oh my friends
Yeah I’m talking to you
The world wont end unless we want it to

There’s no one in control
Tnd it’s our life to choose