Someone Covered Father John Misty on the Voice and He Was Not Having It

"why god why"

Last week on the popular talent show The Voice, contestant Aaron Gibson (#TeamMiley) covered Father John Misty’s Fear Fun song “Hollywood Forever Cemetery”, which, was generally well-praised by the judges and listeners, except for one — Father John Misty himself.

Upon discovering the cover, Josh Tillman took to his band’s Facebook page to share a since-deleted post of this simple, yet poignant critique (screen grabbed by Pitchfork):


Tillman later returned to Facebook to post a message, sarcastically mocking an apology for his harsh critique.

“I am happy for anyone to sing any of my songs and it is more important now than ever that we not be apathetic about who we vote for on game shows. We must uphold the dignity of the American democratic process no matter how little we like the performers therein. Please take the time to get to know people who support contestants that you don’t relate to. It may be frustrating but we must have faith in the innate decency of all people who enjoy The Voice.”

Watch Aaron Gibson’s performance below: