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Father John Misty Went on an Instagram Rampage Yesterday

Has Father John Misty gone crazy? The answer is no, he is just being Father John Misty.

Misty, AKA Josh Tillman, AKA J. Tillman, posted a series of Instagram videos that show the artist playing the melodica, and goofing around with his piano player, over and over again. The collection of Instagram videos were posted with a few hours in between, showing off the same clip, with a different caption each time.

Known for this sarcastic social media presence, FJM certainly took a satirical approach to announce he’s in the studio making new music. A few of the I Love You, Honeybear artist’s captions read,

“This video is good because it’s just kind of like these guys work together but they’re also friends and that’s really cool”, and “This video is good because it’s representative of a general kind of relatable easy-goingness.” Totally relatable and easy going.

One of the posts was captioned “#JOANNE #OCT21”, teasing us all for the partnership between the indie artist and Lady Gaga. Rumours of a possible collaboration sparked after Gaga posted a photo of the musicians together earlier this year. Those myths were later confirmed by Gaga herself.

See the repeated Instagram post below.

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