Father John Misty Live-Tweeted Someone’s Crappy Tinder Date

While Jemima Kirke from 'GIRLS' watched him on his phone for 2 hours.

Last night, Josh Tillman aka Father John Misty entertained a few on Twitter Monday night by live-tweeting what was potentially a bad Tinder date. Take from it what you will, but it appears that the conversation between the two seemed to be grating on FJM’s nerves.

Energy spheres seemed to be a thing. And what were the accents FJM? We need more information!!!

FJM observed the arrival of the drinks closely:

???? Well he sounds like a nice lad???

It seems that the ‘girl from GIRLS‘ (Lola Kirke) noticed FJM enjoying himself at the bar:

And he continues:

Seems like the night ended pretty well, according to FJM that is:

Hope this brightened your day a little bit.

Main Photo courtesy Nick Tiringer