Father John Misty On His Grammy Win: ‘Fuck Society’

Not exactly a normal thank you speech

Josh Tillman took a couple days to compose his thoughts following his Grammy Win this weekend. The artist who performs under the Father John Misty moniker was nominated for both Best Alternative Music Album and Best Recording Package. While he was beat out by The National (for Sleep Well Beast) in the former category, he won the latter for his most recent album Pure Comedy.

At a show in Sydney Australia Wednesday night, Tillman finally addressed his win, as he was not able to attend the awards ceremony in New York on Sunday.

“Uh, well, thanks. I don’t have a whole lot of time, but, God, fuck, I just wanna say fuck society,” he began. “I wanna say that this government is a criminal organization. Uh, FlatEarth.com, please go check that out.”

…Everybody was always saying that, like, it’s what’s on the inside that matters, you know, and I think that this is really evidence of the fact that it’s what’s outside that matters.”

Check out the speech caught on video below: