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Father John Misty Refuses to Dress in “Basic-Ass Dude Clothes”

It’s no secret that Josh Tillman aka Father John Misty is well dressed dude. If you’ve seen him perform, his style accompanies his on stage persona perfectly. It’s not a random stylist that is picking out his duds, he draws inspiration from a number of different people, Nick Cave, Reed and Serge Gainsborough in particular.

“He always looked great,” says Tillman of Gainsbourg. “He went from suits to sort of a cowboy thing, and then a really great phase in the ’80s when he was just wearing denim pants with denim shirts, like, unbuttoned to his navel.” ‘FJM’ also claims to have “button up dysmorphia”, saying “I think one button lower, to me, looks more normal than it does to other people.”

The man refuses to dress in “Basic-ass dude clothes”, saying everyone dresses like they are a graphic designer and he doesn’t understand why. Misty claims that people are playing it safe in fashion and mirrors what is happening in the music industry. How would Father John change the current fashion trends? “I would like to see more of a Moroccan-slash-pajama vibe.”

Check out Father John Misty looking v sharp, below:




Tillman later clarified his comments about “graphic designer’s” look, to which he mentioned the wrong profession.

I don't know why I said graphic designers. I love graphic designers and work closely with them. I should have said landscape designers.

Posted by Father John Misty on Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Photos by Nymag.com

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