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Father John Misty says he wasn’t actually visited by the ghost of Lou Reed

Folk-singer Father John Misty has admitted that he wasn’t actually visited by Lou Reed’s ghost, as he claimed a few weeks ago.

After taking down the Velvet Underground-style covers of several Taylor Swift songs, FJM claimed that he had done it because Reed’s ghost came to him in a dream, demanding that he remove the covers of “Welcome to New York” and “Blank Space” from Soundcloud.

However, in a bizarre turn of events, FJM told 91.9 WFPK Radio Louisville that he was “annoyed at the media” for lauding his unique covers, and promptly removed the songs. He took it a step further when people began asking him why he removed the tracks.

“I was like, ‘these people will print anything,’” FJM told the station. “So I went and gave them the most fraudulent, the most blatantly absurd, unprintable piece of surrealistic nonsense – and they printed it!”

FJM’s point was made many times over. Outlets like the Rolling Stone, the CBC, and the Guardian all chronicled FJM’s very strange justification for pulling the Soundcloud tracks. We may have done it too. Our bad.

His original (and now admittedly made-up) dream was detailed in a lengthy Facebook post, and included strange occurrences like a ride with Barack Obama on Airforce One, crab-walking around a New Orleans suburb and the now-infamous visit from Lou Reed’s ghost.

Listen to the original interview with 91.9 WFPK Radio Louisville below, and Father John Misty’s take on Swift’s “Blank Space” in the player above.

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Header photo courtesy Side Stage Collective, via Flickr.

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