Father John Misty Says Working With Lana Del Rey Was A Dream

He was in the video for "Freak"

Father John Misty admitted to NME that working with Lana Del Rey was “a dream” and that he would “definitely” do it again.

The singer made a steamy appearance with Del Rey in her video for “Freak.” The music video features the two in a sexy, LSD-infused, cult-like dream.

He told NME that they don’t currently have plans to team up “at the moment,” but would absolutely work on something together in the future. In the past, Father John Misty and Del Rey
toured the U.S. together.

“It was a dream, I’d do anything she told me to. That’s what I enjoyed about the video, just being her puppet. I like being told what to do by a woman in that position,” said Father John Misty.

Check out the video for freak here.