Father John Misty Shares “Ballad of the Dying Man”

Snag a taste of "Pure Comedy" coming in April.

Father John Misty has shared the third track from his forthcoming record Pure Comedy, called “Ballad of the Dying Man”, a less politically focused song than the previous two releases.

Last week, Josh Tillman shared the title “Pure Comedy” and Monday, “Two Wildly Different Perspectives” under his Father John Misty moniker. The latter, a cautionary protest to Trump’s Executive Order banning Muslim countries, he says will result in “More kids are going to die now thanks to the unbelievably selfish immigration policy of places like Saudi Arabia and the USA,” posted to his Facebook.

“Ballad of the Dying Man” the final thoughts of a man on his death bed, malcontent of “all of the pretentious ignorant voices that will go unchecked, the homophobes, hipsters, and 1%”.

Pure Comedy arrives April 7th via Sub Pop.