Father John Misty wrote a track on Khalid’s forthcoming record

'Free Spirit' is set for release tomorrow

After contributing to tracks on Beyoncé’s Lemonade and Lady Gaga’s Joanne, Father John Misty is once again entering the world of popular music by writing a track on the forthcoming album from Khalid.

Khalid is set to release his sophomore album Free Spirit on Friday, and he’s been promoting it with some broadcasts on Apple Music’s online radio station, Beats I. On today’s episode of Free Spirit Radio, Khalid has unveiled another new song on the record, which was written by Josh Tillman himself.

“Father John Misty wrote ‘Heaven,’ and that’s the song he played to me with the Cinderella moment,” Khalid explains to Zane Lowe. “Talking to him about that song, that’s a song that he loved a lot and he felt like it was so fitting for me. I did too. I feel like when I sing that song, I can almost hear him on the record as well.”

“I would never pass on singing a Father John Misty song and putting that on my album ever,” Khalid continues on to explain how honoured he was to get to sing a Tillman-penned track. “If Father John Misty is like, “Yo, here, look here’s this song, you want to sing it?” I’m like, “Hell yeah I want to sing that”…One, he inspires me so much, so I feel like his voice, or my voice at least, is not too far off from his, because that’s a voice that I grew up with, and I sat with, and I lived with.”

Free Spirit is set for release on April 5th via RCA.