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FDA Warns Against Black Licorice For Halloween

No doctor in their right mind would argue that candy is by any means “good” for you, but as it turns out some are worse than others.

In a warning video posted recently by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, experts warn Halloween participants that eating too much black licorice can be bad for you — we’re talking really bad.

According to the FDA, too much black licorices can cause potassium levels to drop, and a number of other symptoms such as high blood pressure and cardiac arrhythmia. In some cases eating too much black licorice in high quantities can lead to congestive heart failure. The FDA warns against men and women 40 and older, but in that case you’d need to be eating two ounces of black licorices a day for two weeks to lead to severe side effects.

It’s important to note that the dangerous compound in black licorice candy isn’t the licorice root itself but a sweetening compound called Glycyrrhizin. So if you frequently take black licorice root as a herbal remedy you shouldn’t worry.

Also, it’s worth noting that black licorice is disgusting, so there shouldn’t really be any surprise that it’s terrible for your health. But I guess that’s just my opinion.

Read the FDA’s full statement here.

Image courtesy Petra Bensted via Flickr

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