Feel Good In Africa

Feel Good In Africa

Hey Superfriend! Get ready to feel good in Africa! Thanks to our friends at Intrepid Travel, we’re going to send you on an adventure of a lifetime in Africa, where you’ll see real live gorillas! When you hear us play Gorillaz starting Monday, February 1, that’s your cue to call. Call 416 588 0881. We’ll anounce the grand prize winner on Tuesday, February 16th with The Morning After!

We’re going to let you in on some insider info and let you know when you can expect to hear Gorillaz on Indie88!

Monday, February 1st – 7-8AM ; 1-2PM; 5-6PM & 9-10PM

Tuesday, February 2nd – 9-10AM; 12-1PM; 4-5PM & 7-8PM

Wednesday, February 3rd – 6-7AM; 10-11AM; 3-4PM; & 10-11PM

Thursday, February 4th – 8-9AM; 11AM-12PM; 6-7PM; & 8-9PM

Friday, February 5th – 7-8AM; 1-2PM; 5-6PM & 9-10PM

Saturday, February 6th – 4-5PM

Sunday, February 7th – 12-1PM

Monday, February 8th – 9-10AM; 12-1PM; 3-4PM & 7-8PM

Tuesday, February 9th – 8-9AM; 10-11AM; 2-3PM & 8-9PM

Wednesday, February 10th – 6-7AM; 11AM-12PM; 4-5PM & 10-11PM

Thursday, February 11th – 7-8AM; 1-2PM; 5-6PM & 9-10PM

Friday, February 12th – 8-9AM; 12-1PM; 6-7PM & 10-11PM

Good luck!