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Feist Shares New Single ‘Borrow Trouble’

Feist has released “Borrow Trouble”, the new single from the musician’s forthcoming album Multitudes, which will be released April 14 to Universal Music/Polydor France/Universal Music Canada. It is the fourth track Feist has shared from the upcoming record, having previously released “In Lightning”, “Love Who We Are Meant To”, and “Hiding Out in The Open”.

Watch the Colby Richardson-directed video for “Borrow Trouble” below.

“‘Borrow Trouble’ caused some trouble in trying to finish the recording,” Feist said of the new single in a release. “It began as a contemplative acoustic morality tale and shape shifted itself into the sound of trouble itself. It’s a mess that holds its own logic. It’s the convincing cacophony that thoughts can be. It saws away at you until your overwhelm pops an air supply in the form of another idea, a solution that starts with accepting there’s no such thing as perfection.

“Mike Mills (the filmmaker), directed me deeper into the tangle, insisted I play drums ‘because you’re not a drummer!’ and Amir Yaghmai brought the fist pumping drone of violins. Early on, when I was writing it Charles Spearin said ‘yah but what does borrowing trouble mean?’ And I said “It’s an expression from the old days,” which became the chorus. May as well let the song explain, like I’m doing now.”

Feist Multitudes Track List:
01 In Lightning
02 Forever Before
03 Love Who We Are Meant To
04 Hiding Out in The Open
05 The Redwing
06 I Took All Of My Rings Off
07 Of Womankind
08 Become The Earth
09 Borrow Trouble
10 Martyr Moves
11 Calling All The Gods
12 Song For Sad Friends


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