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Female-owned consulting agency ‘woman’ teams up with Goldenvoice to launch sexual harassment safe space at Coachella

A Los Angeles-based consulting agency called “woman” has teamed up with Goldenvoice to offer up 24-hour access to mental health professionals who specialize in sexual assault and harassment at a safe space at Coachella.

The agency is set to roll out an expanded version of its festival safe space on Friday, April 12th that will be named “every one.”

This year’s program is set to facilitate 24-hour on-site access to both mental health and crisis de-escalation professionals for any festival goers who experience any form of sexual harassment, misconduct, trauma triggers, or assault during Coachella. Additionally, a team of trained safety ambassadors are set to be on site to help implement the program and spread the word about the importance of educated consent.

“I believe that ‘safe space’ is not just a location but about safe people as well,” Director of Impact Eleuthra Lisch explained to The Hollywood Reporter. “Active and informed bystanders make whatever space they are in safer.”
Lead photo courtesy of Alan Paone.

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