A Brief Guide to Festival Etiquette

Some people just know how to ruin a good thing

It’s festival season once again! We’ve spent a lot of hard earned money on the tickets, so if we’re all going to co-exist happily and have a lovely time this year, avoid being any of these people.

Setting up your blanket close too the stage

Just because you got there an hour before everyone else, that doesn’t mean you get to set your blanket up right next to the stage and make me feel like I’m the bad person when I stand in front of you and obstruct your view. If you want to sit down and take up 10 square feet, go to the back.

Guys grinding up on women from behind

Being a guy, this has never happened to me, but my sister told me a story and I couldn’t believe it. If this is how you attract women, then you have to brush up on your conversational skills, or read a book or something.


People who get mad at you for enjoying yourself

You are at a rock concert. This is all part of the sweaty experience you will (hopefully) never forget. You might get bumped into, I may be singing loud, of you are there to strictly enjoy the music with no distractions then go home and listen to the CD.


Guy who tries to get a crowd clap going

Nothing makes me happier than someone who tries to get a clap going along with the music, fails miserably, and then feels the shame of having to stop in futility. The band is fully capable of getting the crowd to clap along with their music without your help. Thanks, though.

Talking in the Washroom

*Note* this is on the off chance you’ll actually find a bathroom. I already have a hard enough time at the urinal standing six inches from another person and with ten more anxiously waiting in line behind me. When some drunk bro is having a nothing conversation across me, it makes it pretty much impossible to go. I have literally had to leave and come back multiple times. Stop talking in the bathroom.


That friend who asks you why you aren’t having fun

I have been out in the sun drinking all afternoon, why do I have to be dancing and singing to every song? Please carefully hop off my back while I take a small break.


BONUS: Indie88 and their giant beach balls

That thing is big enough to concuss me if it hits me in the right spot. How about I stand here and watch this band play like I came here to do instead of worrying if a novelty-sized beach ball is going to lay me out?

Half Moon Run at @artsandcrafts #fieldtripto and the Indie88 beach ball makes an appearance.

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