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Festival Summer: NXNE Photo Essay

This is the third instalment in our #FestivalSummer photo essay series by Kate Killet.

While NXNE is known to bring some banging headliners, the line-up is also always stacked with incredible indie acts, and your new favorite bands you’ve never heard of. Too many good tunes. So much to hear. While I’m currently a tired zombie, I can state that it was totally worth it. Here’s what I saw…

nxne 2015 (22)
Prince Innocence kept a cold & sleek vibe.

nxne 2015 (21)
Bernice sang quirky tunes the told tales such as that of a black bears stuck in a tree.

nxne 2015 (18)
Ginla got spacey.

nxne 2015 (20)
Jessica Pratt sang for the rain.

nxne 2015 (23)
Blunt Chunks filled a backyard with stunning loops and some flower power.

nxne 2015 (27)
Heaters came from Grand Rapids Michigan & turned up the temperature.

nxne 2015 (26)
Hollerado hit up YDS.

nxne 2015 (25)
The square full of music fans.

nxne 2015 (31)
Lia Ices played a chill in-store.

nxne 2015 (30)
Pet Sun brought their fuzzy psychedelic surf to Silver Dollar’s BBQ.

nxne 2015 (29)
Ran into Kyle Connolly of WISH, in a cool projection maze.

nxne 2015 (1)
Maylee Todd brought her mini-harp + a mini choir to Trinity Bellwoods.

nxne 2015 (7)
Dilly Dally rocked YDS.

nxne 2015 (6)
Den from Odonis Odonis holding it down in the crowd.

nxne 2015 (5)
She-Devils have no music online, but their name was buzzing as an act too see all week.

nxne 2015 (2)
Audrey of She-Devils being mysterious.

nxne 2015 (8)
Engineer-Mixer-Producer-Artist Josh Korody slayed Casual Drones.

nxne 2015 (10)
Cutie TWIST is always a ray of sunshine, even after a busy week.

nxne 2015 (16)
Annabella of Mexican Slang taking a moment to chill in the shadows.

nxne 2015 (17)
Nick Grottick of Bad Channels closed up the week with a 3:30 am dance party at the Garrison.

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