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Festival Summer: TURF Photo Essay

This is the seventh and final installment in our #FestivalSummer photo essay series by Kate Killet.

This year we managed to miss the annual TURF rain and soak in all the nice sounds instead. The lineup featured acts we’ve loved for years like Cake & THE PIXIES (alas no Kim Deal) as well as Rich Aucoin, The Elwins and lots of families running around. Check out what we caught below…

TURF2015 (27)
Desaparecidos featuring Conor Oberst gave us flashbacks to high school.

TURF2015 (2)
Pat was stoked.

TURF2015 (13)
Built To Spill brought us back.

TURF2015 (18)
Fort York had the stunning backdrop of a million condos being built.

TURF2015 (4)
Chill vibes.

TURF2015 (30)
Wilco were just wonderful.

TURF2015 (28)
This dude was having a chill time.

TURF2015 (33)
Cake were a slice of… well you know what. Also, disco ball!

TURF2015 (31)
Rich Aucoin had everyone dancing…

TURF2015 (32)
… he also had confetti cannons & Choir! Choir! Choir! backing him up.

TURF2015 (14)
Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros made our hearts explode.

TURF2015 (34)
That moment where the world stops in the middle of a song.

Not the worst place to get some work done.

TURF2015 (16)
Don’t mess with these kids.

TURF2015 (3)
Lord Huron brought us Lonesome Dreams…

TURF2015 (17)
…and Strange Trails.

TURF2015 (6)
Did we mention the chill vibes?

TURF2015 (8)
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club were so bad ass…

TURF2015 (9)
… they had us Howl-ing.

TURF2015 (10)
SATE’s look was on point. That hat!

TURF2015 (23)
Ran into a couple of The Elwins + this random fan.

TURF2015 (19)
Row, row, row your boat.

TURF2015 (24)
Neko Case is just so timeless and fantastic and effortlessly cool.

TURF2015 (21)
Laura basked in the loveliness of it all.

TURF2015 (5)
The sun set.

TURF2015 (1)
Will Butler ran us through his Policy.

TURF2015 (26)
The Pixies! The Pixies! The Pixies!

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