Fever Ray Cancel Remaining 2018 Tour Dates Due to Anxiety and Panic Attacks

'I never know when it will strike or how much it will affect me'

Fever Ray – Karin Dreijer – has chosen to cancel the remainder of her tour in order to look after her mental health. Dreijer was once a vocalist of The Knife and released one of the most well received albums of 2017 with Plunge. She was due to perform come November.

Posted via twitter, Dreijer shares “For seven years I did not enter the stage, for five years I did not enter an airplane. It is a disorder that always lurks in the shadows that I have had to work carefully with and around…”

Read Fever Ray’s full statement below:

Karin Dreijer’s openness with her audience is both admirable and courageous. Struggling with mental illness can be paralyzing, and sharing a personal struggle with the world can’t be easy. Musician or fan, mental illness can affect anyone, and we should support those who need to look after themselves first and foremost.