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Find Out Why This Hoodie Costs Nearly $400

When you find a good hoodie, it can be something that you want to last a lifetime. Unfortunately, everyday wear and tear and the impact of keeping it clean eventually leads to that cherished sweatshirt taking up permanent residence in the back of a closet. Experimental adventure brand Vollebak appear to have a fix in place to help you avoid prematurely saying goodbye to a loved hoodie…it doesn’t come cheap, though.

The company has launched its 100 Year Hoodie, an “insanely hardcore” garment designed to outlive its owner. It runs for about $294 USD, or roughly $390 Canadian dollars. They’re touting it as an “indestructible” hoodie, and they’ve put it through a range of tests.

Watch below as the Vollebak team drags the 100 Year Hoodie over a dirt road, hit it with some iron shavings for more dragging, pull it behind a boat through a body of water, and finally hit it with a blowtorch.

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